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Services Offered

Our flexability and experience allows us to operate at various levels within enterprises, each with their own level of sophistication:

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Customers with No Electronic Accounting System


Self Transaction Capturing Option

We offer customers without an electronic accounting system the opportunity of doing their own transaction capturing.  This is a cost effective mode of operation for small enterprises.

We provide the necessary tools and training.

We then process the captured transactions at our offices.


Full Transaction Capturing Option

We are provided with the source documents and use our own staff to capture the transactions at our offices.


Processing, verification against source documents and ffnancial statements

We run a set of books on our accounting software for the customer at our offices and update the transactions periodically. (Typically monthly)

We verify transactions against the source documents and compile the financial statements.

The customer is provided with PDF documents containg the financial statements and ledgers.


Customer runs own Electronic Accounting System

Work is mostly performed at the customer's premises on an existing accounting system.

Our services vary according to requirements and can be anything from transaction capturing to compilation and presentation of financial statements at management meetings.

In cases where a full time bookkeeper is employed our role is usually to assist with the verification of account and VAT allocations and the preparation and/or presentation of management reports.